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Seder Chazzanut describes the unique nusach of the Amsterdam Portuguese community, as used in the Esnoga. Up till 1950, various hand-written booklets existed, made by chazzanim and shamashim for their own use. 

This site aims to bring together the “what and when” from the old manuscripts, with the “how” from  recordings in a multi-media way.

The first pages of this site found their origin in a demonstration of the possibilities and were made in Dutch. To open our unique nusach to a wider audience, it was decided to publish the site in English. Existing Dutch pages will be replaced in due time.

Recently added:

Musaf Shabbat & Shabbat Rosh Chodesh
Mincha Shabbat & Shabbat Rosh Chodesh
Arvit at Shabbat conclusion
Recordings attached to  all Shabbat pages
Pidjon haBen
All haftarot
Mitsva (levaya) before leaving to Bet Haim
Mitsva (levaya) at Bet Haim
Mincha during Avelut
Arvit during Avelut
Unveiling of a Matzevah

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Disclaimer: The content on this site is based on many sources and verified as much as possible. It has no formal halachic status. In case of doubt, please contact the rabbinate of the Amsterdam Portuguese Community.

  Jacob (Jaap) B. Sondervan.

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