High Festivals
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Errata to tefillot Kipur, reprint 1995
Mizmor Ledavid for the eve of Kipur
Hashcabot for Kipur at Kal Nidre (downloadable pdf version)
Pizmon Keel Nora (start of Ne'ilah).
Hatrat nedarim (source unknown)
Selichot on workdays from 2nd Elul till Kipur (Arameic parts are recited even if there is no minjan):
in the evening, tefillot pages 106-109 (recording AAV).
Bakashot before morning selichot part 1, Tefillot page 1; Rosh Hashana book (recording AAV), part 2 (live recoding DZB)
in the morning part 1, part 2, part 3 & part 4, Rosh ashana book, 2-22  (recording AAV)

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