15 Shevat
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Limud for 15 Shevat

The 15 she'wat Limud is based on the short version of פרי עץ הדר, printed in 1974. The old version was composed by Raphael Montezinos and printed in Amsterdam in 1859. A version similar to the old version can be found at http://www.hebrewbooks.org/52643

The general structure was not used in the old version but it has been added in 1974. Read more on this on the introduction to the Limud page. In the 1974 version mishanyot are not has specified.

Torah                 תורה 

בראשית א' ט'-י
שמות טו א'-יח
ויקרא כו ג'-יג
במדבר ו' כב-כז
דברים ז' א'-י'

Nevi’im             נביאים

יחזקאל לד כב-לא
יואל ב' יח-כז

Ketuvim           כתובים 

תהילים מזמור עב, קמז, קמח, סה, קכות סז

Mishna               משנה


  15_shewat.JPG (1187318 bytes)
  פרי עץ הדר, editions 1859 and 1974 and the traditional pastry, made from the five types of grain.


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