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Cheshvan  -  Kislev

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In this document, page numbers refer to the green Tefillot, unless stated otherwise. In case there are two numbers, the second refers to the second number refers to the Koren Chumash for KKTT Amsterdam. Other books referred to are the Moadim and the Rosh Hashanah book.

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1.       On Shabbat Noach, before theהנותן , Hashcava is made for Abraham de Isac Orobio de Castro (see also list Meldaduras).

2.       The month Cheshvan can have 29 or 30 days. If a “yahrzeit, nahala” is on the 30th, then in a year with only 29 days, this will be on the 1st of Kislev.


1.       On 4 or 5 December, the Chazzan announces to start saying ברך עלינו “D’aqui por deante diraõ Vosses na Amidah o verso de Bareech Ngalenu Bendize sobre Nos” (Hereafter you will say in the Amidah the verse of Bareech Alenu Bless us).

2.       Chanuka

a.       Mincha before Chanuka we stop saying Techinot till the end of Chanuka.

b.      The first night, before theעמידה , the chazzan reminds to say יעלה ויבא “Diraõ Vosses na Amidah o verso de Al Hanisim, por los Milahgros” (You will say in the Amidah her verse of Al Hanisim, for the Miracles).

c.       The Chanukia is lit after the קדיש תתקבל by the 2nd chazzan (or someone else) whilst reciting [1] הנרות הללו, followed by מזמור שיר חנוכת הבית. followed by קדיש for the Avelim (mourners), as usual.

d.      We use two Chanukiyot. Each is used 4 days.

e.      The Chanukia is light during Shacharit, of course without Berachah.

f.        For prayers on Chanuka mornings, see Chanuka page.

g.       All days in the morning, the first line of psalm 30 (page 25) is read, which is skipped the rest of the year.

h.      Mincha weekdays psalm 67 (page 85) למנצח בנגינת מזמור שיר is replaced by psalm 30 (page 25) מזמור שיר חנכת הבית לדוד.

i.         Arvit weekdays psalm 121 (page 100) שיר למעלות אשא עיני is replaced by psalm 30 (page 25) מזמור שיר חנכת הבית לדוד.

j.        The mitsvot are assigned each day, for that specific day only.

k.       שיר של יום (page 76-80) is replaced by psalm 30 (page 25) מזמור שיר חנכת הבית לדוד. The phrases בית יעקב followed by יהי ה' אלקנו עמנו and שיר המעלות לדוד לולי  (page 76) are not read.

l.         On the first day of Chanuka we start the Torah reading from דבר אל אהרון... כה תברכו. On the last day we add דבר אל אהרון... בהעלותך את הנרות.

m.    Rosh Chodesh: two sefarim are used, 3 men are called in the portion of ראש חודש and the fourth in the 2nd sefer in the portion of the Chanuka day. קדיש only after the 2nd sefer.

n.      On Friday, the Chanukia is lit after אשרי of Mincha. On Shabbat morning the מפטיר is read in the daily portion of Chanuka, קדיש after both sefarim.

o.      If there are Torah-reading days after Chanuka then on (the second) Shabbat Chanuka, after Assigning the Mitzvot (honors) the chazzan announces: “Estas Mitswoth severem tambem para esta tarde e o fin da semana” (the assignment is also for this afternoon and the rest of the week).

p.      On shabbat conclusion, in Snoge the Chanukia is lit before the הבדלה. At home הבדלה is made first.

3.       Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Chanuka:
3 sefarim, six are called in the weekly parasha, the 7th
 (משלים)in the parasha of Rosh Chodesh, starting וביום השבת, the מפטיר in the 3rd Sefer in the daily portion of Chanuka. קדיש Is said after the 2nd and 3rd sefer.
The Haftarh
רני ושמחי is followed by the first and last line of “השמים כסאי”. If Sunday is the 2nd day Rosh Chodesh, the first and last line of “מחר חודש” are added too.
Before musaph the Chazzan reminds to say Musaf for Shabbat Rosh Chodesh “Diraõ Vosses a Musaf de Sabbat we Ros Hodes”.

4.  The month Kislev can have 29 or 30 days. If a “yahrzeit, nahala” is on the 30th, then in a year with only 29 days, this will be on the 1st of Tevet.


[1] To finish the lighting together with the הנרות הללו he has to light slowly the fist days, and sing slowly the last days.


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