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In this document, page numbers refer to the green Tefillot, unless stated otherwise. In case there are two numbers, the second refers to the second number refers to the Koren Chumash for KKTT Amsterdam. Other books referred to are the Moadim and the Rosh Hashanah book.

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1.       If Rosh Chodesh Elul is on Shabbat, the Haftarh עניה סוערה of the parasha of ראה is read, followed by the first and last line of השמים כסאי. If Sunday is Rosh Chodesh (too) then the first and last line of מחר חודש are added (too).

2.       On the second day Rosh Chodesh, the הלל is sung on the Rosh Hashanah melody of ידי רשים.

3.       As of the 2nd of Elul, סליחות are said 

a.       Selichot after Arvit:
In the evening, after the Amidah, יהי שם is no
t said, but immediately started לכו ונשובה (page 106/245). Psalm 67 (page 85) is replaced by psalm 130 (page 109)
שיר המעלות ממעמקים.
At Shabbat conclusion, the סליחות are said after
ואתה קדוש, before קדיש תתקבל.

b.      Selichot  before Shacharit:
These are said before the Zemirot and can be found the Rosh Hashanah book (pages  1-22)
If there is a Chatan or Berit, the Techinot parts are skipped.

4.       Arvit during the Selichot, psalm 121 (page 100) שיר למעלות אשא עיני is replaced by psalm 130 (page 109) שיר המעלות ממעמקים.

5. On the last Shabbat of Elul, the upcoming month (ברכת החודש) is not announced


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