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In this document, page numbers refer to the green Tefillot, unless stated otherwise. In case there are two numbers, the second refers to the second number refers to the Koren Chumash for KKTT Amsterdam. Other books referred to are the Moadim and the Rosh Hashanah book.

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1.       From the 1st till and including the 12th day of the months, Techinot are not read.

2.       On the Shabbat before Shavuot, after the Kaddish Titkabal before the parasha the Chazzan recites the שלוש פעמים (tefillot, page 227) and adds the Mi Shebeirach with offertas (כפי ערך הקצוב) for the festivals.
After Arvit Shabbat conclusion, “
שובה” is skipped, staring with “אורך ימים”. The word ששת is left out from the Havdala.

3.       If Shavuot is Monday or Tuesday then on Shabbat before the festival, after assigning the Mitzvot (honors) the chazzan announces “Estas Mitswoth severem tambem para esta tarde e o fin da semana” (the assignment is also for this afternoon and the rest of the week). For Shavuot itself, other assignments are made.

4.       If Shavuot is on Friday & Shabbat:

a.       The Chazzan reminds on Wednesday to make ערובVosses tens obrigaηγo de fazar ngerub”). This should be done on after Mincha, but if there is no service, it is better to announce it on the preceding Shabbat.

b.      On Thursday night before the Amidah the Chazzan announces that “Os senhores que nγo fizerγo ngerub se assufirγo sobor o Senhor Dajan” (Gentlemen who do not make Eruv will rely on Mr. Dayan). 

c.       As the second day of Shavuot is on Sunday, before the Amidah Shabbat conclusion the Chazzan announces “Dirγo vosses na Amidah o verso Watodienoe y hisistes nos saber” Your will say the verse Watodienoe you let us know.

5.       For prayers on Shavuot, see pages on Regalim.

6.       In the first night of Shavuot, a Limud is held.

7.    On the 2th day, the last Kaddish of Mincha is sung in the special melody

8.       Shavuot conclusion the Chazzan reminds to say אתה חוננתנו “Dirγo vosses a Amidah de saliente de Sabbat“, and after the tefillah to make הבדלה over a cup only “Dirγo vosses a habdala sobre σ vaso“.

9.   Isru Chag: Tefila as usual, but after קדיש תתקבל (page 74) ברוך הבא (page 158) is sung, replacing בית יעקב (page 76). If there is Torah reading, this is sung by the chazzan when returning the Sefer, in front of the Hechal.


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