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In this document, page numbers refer to the green Tefillot, unless stated otherwise. In case there are two numbers, the second refers to the second number refers to the Koren Chumash for KKTT Amsterdam. Other books referred to are the Moadim and the Rosh Hashanah book.

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1.       On the Shabbat before the fast of 17 Tammuz, the chazzan announces the upcoming fast (צום הרביעי) before Musaf.
צום הרביעי יהיה ביום...  
… he Jejum
צום הרביעי יהיה מחר   A manha he Jejum

2.       For prayers on 17 Tammuz, see pages on public fast.

3.       During the “three weeks” שהחינו is not said and one may not get married (SRP).

4.       During the “three weeks” at the end of the weekdays Shacharit, the “עץ חיים” lines (tefillot, page 225) are replaced by five verses of Eicha. All Avelim (mourners) say Kaddish.
If there is a honra (Shivah) these verses are replaced by the צידוק הדין etc (page 214-217).

5.       The three Shabbatot staring after 17 Tammuz have special haftarot.

6.       On the first Shabbat (דברי ירמיהו) is read by the chazzan on the special melody.
The Haschava for the Auto Da Fé for Abraham Athias is recited.

7.   On the second Shabbat the haphtarah (שמעו) is read by the chazzan on the special melody.

8.       On the last Shabbat of Tammuz, the upcoming month is announced without the יהי רצון, the chazzan starts with מי שעשה נסים.


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