Mitsva (funeral)

        בילע המוות לנצח, ומחה ה' אלוקים דמעה מעל כל-פנים, ישעיהו כ"ה-ח
        He will swallow up death for ever, 
        and the Lord G'D will wipe away tears off all faces.

This page describes the service at a mitsva, a funeral, at the cemetery at Ouderkek aan de Amstel. This is based upon the description made by L. Alvares Vega ז"ל (LAV), the guardian of the cemetery in the years 1937-1986.

Mind that is some cases a title is granted to a deceased man. This must be prepared before the mistva, so it can be used during the Hascavot, see more elsewhere on this site

Recordings: LAV.

Main prayers

חיים לנפש


When הספד (*) for man: הקפות (circlings, Chazzan repeats ותמיד יתהלך



When walking to the grave:ויהי נועם  followed by יושב בסתר
Chazzan repeats
אורך ימים


ויהי נועם, יושב בסתר

Chazzan: אנא בכח


אנא בכח

At the grave Chazzan: הנה מקום
Three times two hands sand from the box are thrown into the grave by the Avelim or the Chazzan: 


הנה מקום

Chazzan reads צדיק אתה  (for Chacham, Parnaas etc. sings)
followed by
השכבה, also on Chol hamoed (for Chacham + for Parnaas etc. + any man, woman)


צדיק אתה, השכבה 

If there are Avelim: Chazzan: בילע המות


בילע המות

If there are no Avelim: Chazzan יי צבאות 


יי צבאות

Avelim or Chazzan if there are no Avelim
קדיש יהא שלמא
Sand is shoveled into the grave by men in this order until the coffin is fully covered and then the grave is covered with a board.



In Rodeamentos (Metaheer) house (as above)
After the Mitsva (burrial) the bier is laid on its side at the
Rodeamentos house as a sign of our trust in the Mashiach, that no more mitsvot will follow


צדיק אתה...

Avelim  קדיש דהוא עתיד


קדיש דהוא עתיד

Chazzan: short haschava for deceased relatives (men, women)
The bier is tilted



Chazzan: Zimun and Bessam (bircat hamazon) 


ברכת המזון

(*) No techinot, so no hesped and no hakafot: Rosh Chodesh, all month of Nissan, 5, 14, 18 and 28 Iyar, 1-12 Siwan, 9 and 17 Ab, eve of Rosh Hashanah, the month of Tishtri from 9th, Hanukkah, 17 Shewat, 14 and 15 Adar rishon and Purim two days.
And on these days no
techinot are said from noon (מנחה גדולה): Friday afternoon, eve Rosh Hodesh, eve 9 Ab, eve Hanukkah and eve Purim.

Original text LAV scan and pdf (Dutch)

Full description of the service as per 2017 (Dutch)

Table for Chazzan of the service as per 2017 (Dutch) and "cheat sheet" used by HRP who was also caretaker of the cemetery for some years.

The order is which men cover the grave.

The texts of hakafot and haschava are printed on two sides of wooden signs, available at the Beth Haim. The first two pictures show the signs, the last the short

Mistva bord kant 1.JPG (922908 bytes)  Mistva bord kant 2.JPG (1017514 bytes)  Kote hashcaba.JPG (82443 bytes)  wpe1.gif (13951 bytes)

Below: the Metaheer house - Casa dos Rodeamentos (1705), the house of circuits named for the 7 circlings (הקפות) made around the casket of a man as it lies in the building before being carried to its burial spot in the grounds, as etched by Picart in the beginning of the 18th century, and how it looks after the renovation of 1966. Note the remarkable sculpture between the windows, in the picture shown on the right side.

picart.jpg (418827 bytes)  Metaher house - Casa dos Rodeamentos.jpg (64852 bytes)

bakje met zand en schap.JPG (161991 bytes)
Wooden box with sand from the grave, used to to cover the grave (Abelim throw three times two hands sand into the grave. If there are no abelim, the chazzan throws three scoops sand, see Table for Chazzan)

Havra'ah: It is the custom to give the first meal (סעודת הבראה) on the cemetery. See instruction for the caretaker of Beth Haim  from approximately 1855
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