Life Cycle
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Seven Berachot at a Chuppa dinner.
Tefillah for the husband when his wife enters the 3rd and 9th month of pregnancy (Tefillot Mulder 1857 page 162-163).
Berit Mila
Zeved Habat
Pidyon HaBen
Bar / Bat Mitzvah
Rogativa (prayers in illness)
Taharah (some parts have restricted access, please contact the webmaster)
Mitsva (levaya) before leaving to Bet Haim seminary
Mitsva (levaya) at Bet Haim seminary
Mincha during Avelut (7 days of mourning)
Arvit during Avelut (7 days of mourning)
Unveiling of a Matzevah (tombstone)
Names as used for Hashcava
End of Shivah, Sheloshim & 11 months
Meldadura (learning on the yearly remembrance date (the “Yahrtzeit”)
Honra (mentioned in SH Brandon a.o. on page 210 section A and SH Cardozo on page ב).
Extra prayer when avelim (mourners) come to the Snoge - כשיש אבלות בקהל. The avelim are sitting on the low bench behind the Teba and two candles are lit. The service is as usual, not as at the aveel’s home. At the end of the services צידיק הדין, השכבה בילע המות are added (short haschava). In the morning this replaces the verses עץ חיים, ended with קדיש יהא שלמא by all avelim.

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