Parasha & Haftarah

Recordings: NN tape 23A

List of Neginoth (cantillations) (read from right to left!)
Sheet music of the Neginoth (cantillations), including for Shir Hashirim and Ruth.
Recording Neginoth (cantillations) for Torah with example text & recording
Recording Neginoth (cantillations) for Haftarah with example text  & recording
Melodies for Parasa (MRP) part 1 & part 2, see Hochmát Shelomóh, ISBN 0-933676-37-9 for a complete list of all exceptions in the reading and or cantillations.
All parashot & haftarot (various contributors)
There is a special melody for Nevi'im during Limud. This is mainly documented by examples NN: sample recordings and related text. Cardozo made en effort to this end, see music page: the notation and the recording.
Some examples of parasha & Haftarah by SAV
Some remarks:
Parashat נצבים the verses "וישלכם" till the end: high melody, also on Shabbat mincha, Monday & Thursday.
Parashat בשלח the verses “יה' הולך לפנהם” till the "לפני העם": high melody, also on Shabbat mincha, Monday & Thursday.
Hochmát Shelomóh, Torah cantillations (MRP): intro and annotations. This book brings a full description of our special pronunciation and all exceptions during the reading.
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List of additions to Hochmát Shelomóh
In some verses of tanach our books show a chataf kamats where most (all?) other books show a sheva na (there may be more):

Some people believe this is a printing error, but is not, as we demonstrate.


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