Parasha & Haftarah

Recordings: NN tape 23A

List of Neginoth (cantillations) (read from right to left!)
Recording Neginoth (cantillations) for Torah with example text & recording
Recording Neginoth (cantillations) for Haftarah with example text  & recording
Melodies for Parasa (MRP) part 1 & part 2, see Hochmát Shelomóh, ISBN 0-933676-37-9 for a complete list of all exceptions in the reading and or cantillations.
All haftarot (NRP)
Some examples of parasha & Haftarah by SAV
Some remarks:
Parashat נצבים the verses "וישלכם" till the end: high melody, also on Shabbat mincha, Monday & Thursday.
Parashat בשלח the verses “יה' הולך לפנהם” till the "לפני העם": high melody, also on Shabbat mincha, Monday & Thursday.
Hochmát Shelomóh, Torah cantillations (MRP). This book brings a full description of our special pronunciation and all exceptions during the reading.
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In some verses of tanach our books show a chataf kamats where most (all?) other books show a sheva na (there may be more):

Some people believe this is a printing error, but is not, as we demonstrate.


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