Recordings of the Santo Servicio choir

 santo Servicio

The Santo Servicio coir dates back to 1886 and was active till the war. About 15 years ago santo made a restart. Below recordings were made during a live concert on 17 June 2010.




ברוך הבא

Video clip (courtesy NIK Media)
WMV file (not supported on some platforms)
Better resolution (mp4 file).
These choir members are in close up (left, right):
A. Jesssurun Cardozo & L. Bolle, D. Samama, B. Mehler (conductor), A. Betsalel & B. Palache, J. Sondervan (JBS)

158 Heleel, always (psalm 118)
גדלו לה' איתי 70 for Regalim
כהניך ילבשו צדק 136 for Regalim
ימלוך ה' לעולם 139 for shabbat & festivals
מזמור לדוד 112 for Regalim (psalm 29)
שובה למעונך 75 for Regalim
אדון עולם
2nd melody
145 for shabbat & festivals
מזמור לתודה 36 special occasions (psalm 100)
הודו ל' כי טוב 157 Heleel (psalm 118)
אין כאלקנו 81 for shabbat
שיר המעלות אשרי special occasions,  like Chupa (psalm 128)
הללו, כבניך amateur recordings

Sheet music can be found elsewhere ion this site.


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