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Shacharit 9 Ab

On the evening of 9 Av and in morning only one door of the synagogue is opened.
On the evening of 9 Av and in morning the copper candlesticks of the tebah and the heichal are removed, and if not possible, covered with back covers. The middle part the heichal is covered with a black parochet (during the year there is no parochet). All ornaments of the spher tora are black.
On the evening of 9 Av and in morning we are not sitting on the floor, we change places. Only the chazzanim sit on a  low bench on the tebah.

All, including Chazzan, without tallit and without tefillin.

Usually 2-3 chazzanim divide the kinot and Eicha between them. Chazzanim sing with a dark (low) voice.

The mistvot as assigned on Shabbat are assigned for the whole week, thus also for 9 Av. In case of 9 Av the mistvot of “levara” (carrying the sepher) and “Acompanhara” (accompanying the sepher) are given to a coheen, respectively to a levi. Thus they are already on the tebah when called for the reading.

All ornaments of the sepher tora, including the rimonim and pontairo (Yad), are black.

NN, tape 14 minute 4:06 – tape 15 & tape 16 till minute 4:10
Megila: NN tape 13 minute 12:34-38:52

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On page 14: iso למנצח we say על נהרות בבל 



Iso שירה we say האזינו



As usual, with exceptions in the עמידה :

The kahal say  עננו in שמע קולנו, Chazzan before רפאנו

All say נחם in  תשכון בתוך ירושלים

The kedusha is different: iso נקדישך ונעריצך on page 27 we say נקדש את שמך בעולם on page 79·

ברכת כהנים is not read.

Iso שים שלום we say עושה השלום



Chazzanim standing on the tebah

ארץ שפך רומי – 92
שכינה צועקת - 93
דממו שרפים – 94
אך זה היום – 95
96 "Psalmo Dasaf"
עד מתי – 96
איכה צאן ההריגה – 97
שאי קינה – 98
גרושים – 99
איך נוי שודד – 99

Chazzanim sit down on the low bench.
From here onwards the kinot or verses are recited by the chazzanim in turn

אש תוקד – 100
ק'ל אלקי הצבקות - 102
אלי עדתי – 102
יום אכפי – 103
בת עמי – 104
אבכה ועל שוד , יהודה וישראל– 105
זאבי ערב[1]106
קול יללה[2]107
אשחר עדתי – 107
music  & איך משכני[3]108
הלנופלים – 109
היכל ה' – 110
קול אהלה , בורא עד אנא– 110
הרוגי מלכות - 111

Two chazzanim raise from the low bench on the tebah and continue

אמרה ציון – 114
לשכינה עלתה, אללי לי– 115


קדיש דהוא עתיד

Announcement: “Mincha se rezará esta tarde as… horas” Mincha will be prayed this afternoon at … hours.


Both chazzanim go to the heichal whilst reciting ספדי והלילי


על הכלי, ספדי  והלילי

Both chazzanim, verse by verse; צעקה גדולה first by congregant, then repeated by chazzan. The chazzan who sings the last verse takes out the sepher from the heichal before the last chorus, and sings the last chorus whilst holding the sepher


קומי וספדי

On the way to the tebah


במקום אשרי העם

Normal neginot (cantillations), but low voice. There is no levantara (hagba’ah = raising the torah). Before the beracha, ה' עמכם and יברכך ה' are not said. Koheen & levi same as shabbat, not called by name, no mi sheberach. 
Haham is called as 3rd. see above




קדיש לעילא

Haham reads, the translation is not read



למנצח מזמור לדוד is skipped, and so the verse ואני זאת בריתי.
The Sepher is brought back to the heichal. On his way back to the tebah the chazzan recites על נהרות בבל.


אשרי, ובא לציון
קדיש לעילא

על נהרות בבל

Two chazzanim, sitting on the low bench on the tebah.

The end of each chapter is first read by the congregation and then repeated by the chazzan. The last two chapters are read together without a stop 



פרק א, פרק ב, פרק ג, 
פרק ד, ה

Selected verses, see SH[4]



By abelim (mourners) or chazzan


קדיש יהא שלמא

wpe1.jpg (6384 bytes)
Eicha reading, morning of 9 Ab 5781-2021 (NBS)

Some parts of the service have been recorded by SRP

[1] Youngest chazzan

[2] By the rabbanim

[3] Oldest chazzan; sheet music can be found in EH 49 B 22 on page 23, there called "quina"

[4] Seder Hazzanut Brandon page 183. After the war the text was shortened even more, to the bold parts (NN).


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