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Mincha for public fast

With tallit & tefillin.

All are standing during Kaddish

If Purim is on Sunday, the fast of Esther is on the Thursday before. In that case the “erev Purim” exceptions are disregarded. 

If there is no minjan of fasting men, Parasa is not read and עננו is not read in the repetition by the Chazzan as a separate beracha, but as part of שמע קולנו.
Only fasting men are called to the tora, even if they are the only coheen or levi

NN, tape 12 start till minute 23; tape 16 minute 16-23, tape 20 minute 35:00-35:34
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Chazzan sits. Sings only fist and last verse[1].
Not on Friday and erev Purim.


שמע קולי

Start here on Friday or erev Purim.


למנצח... וידבר

Weekdays melody
On page 7 the chazzan reads פטום הקטורת  till מלח סדומית רובע , the congregants say הקב, and the chazzan continues מעלה עשן


אתה הוא... שהקטירו... מפני הכבוד

At “Tehillat”, chazzan rises


וערבה.... אשרי



קדיש לעילא

Chazzan. (typed)
Abraham Pereira, Moshe Pereira, Sarah Pereira, Ribca Pereira, Esther Pereira da Costa.

Short text 
(right column)


Shamash opens the Heichal; Shamash takes the rimonim for levantar (Ashk, “hagbaha”) from the Heichal and holds on to them; the person honored with Abrir (abridor) walks to the Heichal. Chazzan reads.

Tefiloth 69


Chazzan, not on Friday or erev Purim or if there is chatan


א'ל ארך אפים ... כרוב רחמיך א'ל

Chazzan walks to the Heichal

At the Heichal

On the way to the Tebah and undressing of the Torah



ברוך המקום


רוממו, כי שם

The levantador opens the sefer, the Chazzan and the parnas place the levantar rimonim on sefer, and while the levantador raises it aloft, the Congregation exclaims “Torat Moshe Emet”. 

When the levantador turns to the left, towards the president, those facing the script say ‘Vezot ...’. Then he turns three more times counterclockwise until all have faced the script and recited these words.

Finally he faces the hehal and all the worshippers say “Ha’El ...” while the sefer is lowered back onto the reader’s desk. 

Chazzan and Parnas place the levantar rimonim on their stands at the front corners of the Tebah, while the chazzan repeats “Ha’El..”.  The acompanhador takes his place a few steps behind where those called to the Torah will be standing. The Parnas hands the ponteiro to the Chazzan.


תורת משה אמת

זאת התורה..

הא־ל תמים דרכו...

Vayechal, 3 are fasting men called, rabbi is called as 3rd & reads himself the “13 midoth” in high melody[2]


פרשה ויחל


מי שברך

Not on Friday or if there is chatan or on erev Purim [3]

On Friday or if there is chatan

On erev Purim[4]




יענך ה’ ביום צרה, מזמור כ'

שיר המעלות בשוב, מזמור קכ"ו

לולי ה' שהיה לנו, מזמור קכ"ד

Chazzan on the way to the Hechal, he sings  אין כמוך...

The Torah is placed in the Hechal.

On the way back to the Tebah, ending at the Tebah




שובה למעונך 

ובנחה יאמר ... כקדם

Chazzan at the Tebah


תכון תפלתי



קדיש לעילא

With chazara, incl. Bircat kohanim by Chazzan

On Tsom Gedalya

Kahal in שמע קולנו, Chazzan before רפאנו


עמידה עם חזרה, כולל ברכת כהנים

הספות ימי תשובה


On Tsom Gedalya


אבינו מלכנו

Not on Friday or erev Purim[5]


40 כאל מלך 



Not on Friday or erev Purim or if there is chatan
(bowed on
left arm


נפילת אפים



קדיש תתקבל

Not on taanit Esther (psalm 102)
On taanit Esther (psalm 22)
On Friday (psalm 124)


תפילה לעני, מזמור ק"ב
למנצח על אילת השחר, מזמור כ"ב
שיר המעלות לדוד לולי,  מזמור קכ"ד

Avel or Chazzan


קדיש יהא שלמא

All; more on Alenu



During the 3 mizmorim, tallit & tefillin are taken off & tzedakah is collected [6]. On erev purim, chazzan keeps the tallit


מזמורים ק"כ, קכ"א & קל"ד
שיר המעלות אל ה' בצרה 
שיר למעלות אשא עיני 
שיר המעלות הנה ברכו 

Start of Arvit, not on Friday; not on erev Purim.
, a
s Shabbat conclusion.


ה' צבא'ות

 We add another tassa on the even of Purim for machatsit hashekel.

[1] Unlike Kal Nidre, where it is sung.

[2] The “high melody” starts with "ויקח בידו" and ends with "ונקה". It is also sung when there is no Rabbi. The Rabbi takes over the pontairo (Yad) from the Chazzan and starts with "ויעבור". The words "השם השם" to "ונקה" are first sung by the congregants and then repeated by the Rabbi. This is also done if there is no Rabbi. With the words "לא ינקה" the Rabbi returns the pontairo and the Chazzan continues with the normal melody, but the Shofar Holech ("Munach") is emphasized, which otherwise never happens after a Kadma ("Pashta").

[3] The title of Psalm 20 "Lamnatzeach mizmor leDavid" למנצח מזמור לדוד is not said. The chazan begins "Ya'ancha Hashem ...". The chazan sings the last verses "Eleh Barachev" slowly so that at "Yehallelu" the Sefer is ready to be carried to the Hechal.

[4] The first words of psalm 124 are not read, see Ta’anit book Rodrigues Mendes, Amsterdam 5485-1725

[5] No shofar at Vaya’avor.  For Vaya’avor , the short melody is used.

[6] There is collection of tzedakah in tree tassas (bowls): one for Tsedaka, one for Fabrica (maintenance of the synagogue) and one for Cativos (redemption of prisoners). Since 2021 we add another tassa on the eve of Purim for machatsit hashekel. On Friday there is no collection.
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