Public Fast
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Public fast

On this page we will describe all public fasts except Yom Hakippurim, which belongs to the High Festivals

Shacharit for Public fast
Mincha or Public fast
At Mincha we put on tefillin, see  טור או"ח סימן מ"ו בית יוסף ד"ה דתניא
Parasa for Public fast: ויחל משה as usual.
Both at Shacharit and Mincha "ויעביר" till "ונקה" is read in the high melody (see SH page 182 left, last paragraph).
At Mincha the Chacham/Rabbi is called as 3rd. He himself reads  "ויעביר" till "ונקה" is in the high melody. If the is not present, the 3rd is read entirely by the Chazzan.
There is no haftara at Mincha.
Sections of the book Eyov (Job), as read at the end of Shacharit on the fast of 9 Av, see SH page 183 right column, end 2nd paragraph.

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