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מי שברך אברהם יצחק ויעקב הוא יברך

הבחור\הגביר\הישיש הנכבד...


 Que abrirá[1] as portas de hechal

 Que levará o (primero, segundo) sepher tora

 Que fará Ets Haim ao (primero, segundo) sepher tora

 Que desanfaixerá ao (primero, segundo) sepher tora

  Que acompanhará o sepher tora (dos sepharim)

 Que levantara o sepher tora


ברוכים הם לה'

[1] Translation:

Abrirá: opening of the Hechal (“Aron Kodesh’)

Levará: carrying the Torah from the Hechal to the Teba (“Bima”).

Fará Ets Haim: remove & replace the Rimonim (Torah Finials) of the Torah

Desenfaixará: remove & replace the Faixa (Mappa, wimpel) 

Acompanhará: accompanying the Sepher Torah (walk in front of it, carrying a corner of Me’il)

Levantará: lifting & showing the Torah to the congregation (“Hagba’ah”)

Only if there are two Sepharim, the Mistwot for the first Sepher are announced as “primero” and these for the second as ‘Segundo”.


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