In general, a boy under bar mitzvah is called to the torah as maftir and recites the haftara. This applies to the bar mitzvah itself too (see below).

The table below summarizes the exceptions to the above rule.



A boy is called as maftir[1], and reads haftara

שבת וראש חודש

A married man is called & reads haftara

ראש השנה

Rabbi is called & reads haftara

שבת תשובה

Oldest rabbi is called & reads haftara

שחרית יום הכיפורים

Youngest rabbi is called & reads haftara

מנחה יום הכיפורים

A boy is not called as maftir, but reads haftara


Maftir bows[2]

שמחת תורה

A boy is called as maftir and reads haftara

ארבע פרשיות

Chazzan reads haftara

בין המצרים

Chacham is called as third & reads the haftara

שחרית תשעה באב

Chacham is called as third (he himself reads ויעבור...) & reads the haftara

מנחה תשעה באב


Order of the haftara (Recordings: NBS)

Maftier is called without name, whilst already standing on the teba


If maftier doesnít read the haftara, he is called:

יעמוד השם הטוב (הישיש הנכבד)הגביר(הנעלה)/הבחור ... לקרא בתורה, וישמרהו צורו, מפטיר.


ברכות התורה

Only if maftier is not saying haftara, or on Shabbat teshuba, Kipur shachrit & mincha, Simchat Tora, Shabbat bereshit, ben hametsarim, mincha 9 Ab & if a hascaba is made[3].

מי שברך


ברכות לפני ההפטרה



Congregation first, then repeated by maftier.



ברכות אחרי ההפטרה

Special recordings

Haftara Nachamu, recorded by S. Alvares Vega (SAV) in 1939 at the occasion of his bar mitzvah, original recording and noise-reduced version.

Haftara Vayera (part), as recorded by D. Sondervan in 1956 at the occasion of his bar mitzvah. D. Sondervan is a brother of JBS, the owner of this site.

Haftara Emor, recorded by Nathan Bertus Sondervan (NBS) in 2004 at the age of 11, son of JBS, the owner of this site.

Haftara Balak, recorded by Abraham Joseph (AJ) Sondervan in July 2020 at the age of six and a half, son of JPH and grandson of JBS, the owner of this site. Haftara 8th day Pesach, recorded March 2023.

Haftara Noach, recorded by Leo Emanuel Sondervan in October 2023 at the age of eight, son of JPH and grandson of JBS, the owner of this site.

Recording of all haftarot by NRP.

More on Haftarot by SAV


Before a boy was allowed to read the haftara he had to be tested by the rabbi and show the certificate to the Chazzan.

wpe5.jpg (20947 bytes)   wpe7.jpg (19593 bytes)
Above certificates were issued by rabbi B. IsraŽl Ricardo. The first for David, son of Jacob Texeira de Mattos (born 2 August 1917) and the second for RafaŽl, son of Salomo Montezinos (born 3 January 1918), both at the occasion of their bar mitzvah (13 j). Both have probably not survived the war יהי זכרם ברוך.

Cantillations  (NN tape 23) according to list.

[1] According to NN a boy is not called, but does say haphtarah, but this is not correct, see ďOver de CeremoniŽnĒ (EH617NV1206) page 8R

[2] At כחתן יכהן פאר וככלה תעדה כליה he bows to the חתן/כלה תורה. At ומשוש חתן על כלה he bows to the חתן/כלה בראשית

[3] In other cases a מי שברך can be made before the hechal when the sepher is returned.See BC page 101


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