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David Israel Ricardo (1904-1982; DIR) was conductor of the communal Santo Sevicio choir before the war. He was the eldest son the rabbi dr. B. Israel Ricardo, who translated the tefillot. David Ricardo immigrated to Israel in 1933 and in the 1950's made many recordings which I copied from the Israel National Library (NLI) and indexed. The filename of the original recording (first column) contains the NLI catalogue number for reference (www.nli.org.il). Mind the indexing of the NLI is in many cases incomplete and or incorrect. The indexed parts don't contain the connecting talking in Hebrew, which as such is relevant.

Mr. Ricardo, who lived in Israel most of his life, made these recordings while using the modern Hebrew pronunciation. See elsewhere on this site about our Amsterdam-Sephardi pronunciation

All recordings are by Ricardo (DIR), unless stated otherwise. "unknown" is an anounimous singer.

 Original name (NLI)

Kadish (1953) unknown coir; "cleaned" version
Samachti beomrim li (1953) Psalm 122, unknown coir
Ele hadebarim (1955)
Chazon Yesangyahu
Parasa Debarim
Haftara Debarim
Balayla hahu (1957) Megilat Esther
Hadlakat nerot (1957) Berachot, Hanerot halalu (mind the recording also has "Maoz tsur", which does not belong to our nuscah)
Emet ve'emuna (1958) SRP *1) Musaph Kipur (YK): Seder avoda
unknown Simchat Tora evening *2): Lakeel nora, Kadish, barechu (sheet music Lakeel nora only)
unknown Simchat Tora evening: Hashcibenu (sheet music page 3-4)
DR & NN Simchat Tora: Arvit  & Sheet Music
NN festive: Ufros  
Recording (1960) Friday night:
   Psalm 29; Psalm 92 - home; Psalm 93;   Kadish & barechu
Shabbat morning Kidush
Shabbat mincha Kedusha
Kipur - Kal Nidre:
   Shema koli; assigning the honors; Kal Nidre & Shehecheyanu; Selichot
Yamim noraim (1963) Rosh Hashana morning: Kidush 
   General: Selichot; Ochila-Avot-gevurot; Seder Avoda
   Mincha - Ka Shema
RH & YK: Adon Ngolam
Rosh hashana (1963) Arvit RH: Waya'achilehu
Kadish (1975)

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All are kadish, unless stated otherwise
Evening: RH&YK; Regalim; Shabbat Bershit 1, Shabbat Bershit 2; Pesach
Last kadish of each Regel

Kipur Shacharit
End Kadish & Barechu
   Kadish Simchat Tora morning; 
   Shabbat: Shacharit; Mincha
   Regalim Shacharit 1, Shacharit 2
   Simchat Tora;
General: Haleel;  
Shabbat: Kidush
Simchat Tora: Bo'i Beshalom; Beyom Haze

See also on sheet music page

*1) : The chazzan is Haham S. Rodrigues Pereira (SRP). This partly overlaps and extends his CD2-TR3 recoding.
*2) : Melodies for Simchat Tora can also be used on Shabbat Bereshit and Shabbat Nachamu, the Shabbat we commemorate the inauguration of the Esnoga on "Saba Nachamu in 1675".


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