Various chazzanut clips

At the beginning of the Corona crisis in March 2020 - Nissan 5780, the Snoge, like most synagogues worldwide, was closed. Some video clips of melodies were recorded and uploaded to Facebook to cheer-up the members. Although these melodies can be found on the site as audio tracks on de pages where they belong, I gathered all video clips on this page and added the existing audio next to it.

בעזרת 'ה with G'ds help this crisis will pass soon, so we can reopen the Snoge and all other synagogues in good health for tefillot, as usual.


Recordings video: BP (Bram Palache),  DNNDS & JoB (Joel Boosman), SVD, audio: AAV NN, NRP, SRPJBS


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שחר אבקשך  before shacharit workdays 1 DS NN
אברך before shacharit workdays 1 SVD NN 2 melodies
מזמור לדוד Friday night
מזמור שיר ליום השבת Friday night
שירת הים  for shabbat & festivals 41 DS NN
הנותן before parassa 69 DNN,
BP - read more on Kingsday
מזמור לדוד shabbat morning 112 DS NN
מי שברך לרגלים on shabbet before Pesach, Shabungot and Succot 227 DNN NN
איו כאלקנו
   High festivals & shabbat teshuba
   Shabbat Zachor
   The Hague melody (?)
SVD (also used for יגדל: AAV)
These, and more
אדון עולם 145 DS Many more melodies
ובא לציון micha shabbat and Yom Tob  73 DS NN
אזהרות first day Shabungot (*) 215  DS&DNN and NN day1, NN day2
א'ל נורא end of mincha Yom Kipur - BP NN, SRP
הפטרה פרשת אמור - DS NRP, see also all haftarot

(*) Mongadim (festivals) book


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