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Here I collect (for now) articles on Samasut. The samaas (שמש) plays an important role before, during and after the service. Unfortunately, in contrasts to the chazzanim, samasim didn't document their work. So far I found no old notes. All I have so far date back to end 20th, beginning 21st century.

Tasks Samaas 1925 Dutch [1]

Tasks Samaas part 1  (Dutch [1] , S. Beck, 2000)

Tasks Samaas part 2 (Dutch [1] , S. Beck, 2007)

Samaas during chupot (Dutch [1], M. Paraira, 2004)

Notes of the care taker (Dutch [1], J. Meijers, 1991)

Candle protocol (Dutch [1], JBS, 2021). The Esnoga has no electricity, but is lit by up to about 1000 candles, as when it was put into use in 1675. The candles are lit by the care taker, who of course is not Jewish, and who does so on his own authority, without an explicit order (English, JBS 2021)

Decorum Simchat Tora

About Sifre Totra and ornaments

About the Faixa (mappa, wimpel)

About Levantara (hagbaha)




Samaas S. Mendes Coutinho, samaas after the war till the 1970th

[1] Using e.g. Google Translate and combining this with some common sense will help you to understand these texts.


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