About Sifre Tora and ornaments

Sifre Tora are dressed according to the day they are used.

From Rosh Hashana till after Yom Kippur and on Hoshan'ana Rabba, all ornaments of- an around the Sefer Tora are made from white cloth. The rimonim (tora finials) are filigree because of the white appearance. The yad (pontero, ponter) is made from ivory. 
On Sukkot, for Tora mantles and Teba cloth  green is used.
On Simchat Tora the most colorful mantels are used, and golden crowns.
On Purim, read is used, the so called "harlekijn kleed" (harlequin cloth). This is used because it probably belongs to "Dotar", which was founded on Purim in the year 1615 and still has its annual drawing immediately after Purim
On 9 Ab, all is black.

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(pictures 1 & 3: B Stibbe, picture 2: J. Boosman, picture 4: JBS)

The Sefarim are placed in the Hechal in a specific order, according to these rules:

Center place is most important
Second is to the right of the first
Third is to the left of the first, to have it surrounded.

This can be applied for the small Hechal, as it has a middle place. The big Hechal has an even number of fixed places, and therefore has no middle place. The first Sefer goes right from the middle (there is no middle place so right from the middle is most important). the second to its left, to surround the center of the Hechal and the third goes to the right of the first, to have it surrounded.

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(Pictures: B. Stibbe)


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