Lighting of the Chanukilje (Chanukia)

Recordings: NN tape 20, 19'09.99 - 22'56.26


Green Teffiloth


First beracha


להדליק נר של חנוכה

Second berache


שעשה  ניסים

Shehechejanoe (only first night)



Haneroth Halalu


הנרות הללו

Psalm 30, recited


מזמור שיר חנוכת הבית לדוד

 The chanukia is light during "hanerot halalu", such that the lighting finishes together with the singing. Thus, the first days one should light slowly, the last days one should sing slowly.
As the shamash cannot be detached from the chanukia, this is done with a candle. The shamash itself is lit after "hanerot halalu".

Recording Chazzan Duque Hanerot halalu approx 1938
Recording SRP 1960's
Recording Vingerling based on music notation Lopes Cardozo 1960s
Recording Isaac Gomes de Mesquita: Berachot & Hanerot, 1975
Recording BP 2020

We call the chanukia “Chanukilje” Where does this come from?

A simple explanation is this:

Chanoeki-ja = Chanuki – je and the L ’slipped” in, like Sevilla, which is pronounced as SEVILJA.

The terms Hanuquilha (Portuguese) or Chanukiya (Hebrew) or Hanuqilla (Spanish) are all used in the Sephardic world.

The oldest Chanukilje of our community was donated by Dr. Abraham Farar (Pharar) in 1629 (5390). The inscription on this Chanulije reads ABRAHAM PHARAR DUESTA HANUKILHA, which means, “This HANUKILHA was donated by. Abraham Pharar”. 
The Hebrew part reads   כי נר מצוה ותורה אור    ה'שצ

Brass chanukia Abraham Farar.JPG (555070 bytes)

Silver chanukilje made in 1770 by Isaac van Wijk donated in 1877 in name of Hanna en Isaac Lopes Salzedo.jpg (388306 bytes)

Brass Chanukilje 
Abraham Pharar,

Silver Chanukilje, made  in 1770 by Isaac van Wijk, donated in 1877 in name of Hanna en Isaac Lopes Salzedo

Abraham Pharar was a doctor, born in Porto and practitioning in Lisbon. He fled the inquisition and went to Amsterdam, where he published a book on all commands (mitzwot) in 1627 in the Portuguese language. He died in 1663. (source: MHG pag. 31).

Both Chanukiljes are used, each 4 days. They are placed on the south wall: on the doors in the big Snoge and on the fence in the small (winter) Snoge.

   chanukia grotesnoge.jpg (61333 bytes)  chanukia wintersnoge1.jpeg (173605 bytes)  chanukia wintersnoge2.jpeg (225211 bytes)
  apporx. 1950         rest: 2020
(Boys fltr in front: David (Loulou) Sondervan, Simon Alvares Vega, Abraham (Appi) Jessurun Cardozo, in back: Michael (Chiel) Pappie, Alexander (Lex) Alvares Vega, unknown. Man left : samaas Salomon (Sal) Mendes Coutinho, chazzan (standing on a stool) Salomon (Sal) Nunes Nabarro)


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