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See special page on Tallit.


Tefillin are worn during Shacharit (morning payer) on workdays. Tefillin are not worn on Shabbat, Yom Tov, High Festivals, Chol Hamo’ed and the fast of 9 Aw (Shacharit). 
Tefillin are worn on the mincha of all fasts, except Yom Kipur.

Berachot: see Tefilloth page 6. Mind that only one beracha is recited. If one has spoken or has been interrupted between putting on the Tefilla of the arm and that of the head, the second beracha must be recited when binding the Tefilla on the head.

tefillin rosh 1.JPG (1313908 bytes) tefillin rosh 2.JPG (1741899 bytes) Tefillin yad 1.JPG (1391700 bytes) tefillin yad 2.JPG (1275021 bytes) tefillin yad 3.JPG (1089969 bytes) tefillin yad 4.JPG (1055803 bytes) tefillin yad 5.JPG (1210666 bytes) tefillin yad 6.JPG (1187234 bytes) tefillin yad 7.JPG (1339345 bytes) tallit and tefillin.JPG (1362072 bytes)
On the first picture, the tefillin shel rosh sits too low.


The chazzan may not start the חזרת הש"צ (repetition) unless nine men are ready and listening. The nine do not include the chazzan himslef (HRP).
If during the  חזרת הש"צ (repetition) the 10th man leaves and thus there is no minjan left, both the קדיש לעילא and the קדיש תתקבל may be said. The rest of the קדישים cannot be said (HRP).

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