Special shabbatot
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Reading of the Shira and the Ten Commandments by the Chacham or Dayan or Rabbi.
Hashcaba (memorial-prayer) for the Auto Da Fe: Shabbat Chol haMo’ed Pesach, Shabbat Divré & Shabbat Tesuva

The three weeks: 
The Haftarot in the three weeks between 17 Tamuz  and 9 Av have a special melody:

Haftara Divre Yirmiyahu
Haftara Shym'u: This hafata is read even if it is Rosh Chodesh, In this case, the first and last sentence of the haftara of Shabbat Rosh Chodes, השמים כסאי, are recited by the community and repeated by the chazzan.
Haftara Shabbat Chazon  

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